Project Management Services

Many companies have processes and structures in place but still fail to deliver their projects to the traditional measures of time, cost and quality.  High Reliability Project management is about taking that next step, developing the capability of an organisations employees to deliver whatever challenge is thrown at them.  As with all things it is about delivering a package of support that matches your situation but below are examples of how we could help you.


Understanding what behaviors are needed for High Reliability Projects, help project managers and organisations to understand who to involve in projects and when and how to utilise them.  Guidance on the best ways to set expectations, track and analyse performance and provide feedback.


To provide a detailed in-depth audit of an organisation’s project management and organisational structures, behaviors and processes to provide a detailed picture of its current maturity.  This would include development of an achievable improvement plan and supporting the execution and measurement of the recommended improvements.


Lessons Learnt is a common term but is often implemented as a vast database of issues that has limited value to project managers.  We can support the development of a customised continuous learning process that will help enable rapid learning and help provide useful knowledge to the right people at the right time.


Competence is key to improving behaviors of people, this needs to be built into every part of the Human Resource cycle from initial recruitment through performance evaluation and exit interview.  We can support the development of robust methods ensuring you have the right people.