Project Management Services

We pride ourselves on being experts in running high reliability projects, that doesn’t mean that we ignore the fundamentals that you need in place to get a project off the ground.  High Reliability is built upon the understanding that you already have the processes and structures in place but if you are not quite at that point there are many things that we can assist you with, below is a selection of items we offer.


Assisting your business with the implementation of a project management methodology that provides for high reliability from a process perspective.  It would follow a collaborative method and the company would retain ownership and management of the method created.  It should ideally involve the entire project staff to promote acceptance and improve the adoption of changes in the workplace, potential areas of development would be;


The project schedule if used correctly is one of the most powerful tools in the project management arsenal, the correct use of dependencies and effective use for managing and reporting on a project can make an enormous difference to project success.  Support can be offered in areas of;

  • Development of project deliverables

  • Schedule workshop to identify key dependencies and interfaces

  • Review of existing schedule and monitoring techniques

  • Template reports for progress reporting and variance monitoring


Once a project gets beyond a certain size, complexity or an organisation has multiple projects then it is most effective to have a centralised Project Management Office (PMO) to support them.  Assistance can be offered on topics such as;

  • Determining the size and composition of the PMO

  • Role Profiles, behaviours and competences required

  • Deployment of the PMO and plans for potential growth and improvement


Work closely with project staff to build project management competency while ensuring successful execution of projects, this could be in the form of face to face or on-line.